Colorbond Roofing Gold Coast, An iconic Australian brand known for its durability and design flexibility.

COLORBOND® steel is an iconic brand that has become a household name in Australia. But not only is its name known in most Australian homes, it’s also used in part of the construction of most Australian homes.

When you mention COLORBOND® steel name most people automatically think roofing. And that’s right, COLORBOND® steel is used as a roofing material for so many homes. But COLORBOND® steel is also used in other applications around Australia’s homes because of its durability and design flexibility:

  • Roofing that reflects the style and needs of Australian homes
  • Durable and attractive exterior walling or an interior feature
  • Guttering that performs in all types of weather
  • Set and forget fencing that defines the great outdoors
  • Steel water-tanks available in COLORBOND® steel colours

COLORBOND® steel is available in a range of 22 contemporary colours, which celebrate the natural beauty of the Australian landscape. From our mountains to the outback, from our creek beds to our sand dunes, COLORBOND® steel captures the light and energy that make Australia’s colours so unique.

With 22 inspired colour choices ranging from traditional to contemporary, COLORBOND® steel provides the ideal palette from which to create the desired look and feel for your home and garden.

Walling that’s beautiful to look at and easy to live with

Walling made from COLORBOND® steel provides an attractive, durable and thermally efficient alternative for modern home design. With a range of 22 beautiful colours, walling made from COLORBOND® steel gives you an ideal palette from which to colour match or co-ordinate your other external features such as roofing, guttering and rainwater tanks.

As a walling material, COLORBOND® steel provides a tough barrier to storms, hail, falling branches and bumps and knocks. And because it’s non-combustible and 100% termite proof, it’s an ideal building material that adds to the overall security and durability of your home.

Finally, because of its superior oven baked finish, and its resistance to chipping and flaking, wall cladding made from COLORBOND® steel makes a very durable, low maintenance alternative.

Gutters, downpipes and fascia don’t just add an attractive finish to your home. They are important components that can protect your home from serious stormwater damage. That’s why you can have peace of mind when your rainwater collection system is made from COLORBOND® steel – it’s been tested to withstand everything from drenching downpours to scorching sun for over 45 years in some of Australia’s most extreme conditions.

However, we realise that your guttering system not only has to perform well, it also has to look beautiful and add an aesthetic finishing touch to your roof and home. Our palette of 22 beautiful colours are designed to perfectly colour match your roof made from COLORBOND® steel. And because of its proven durability and low maintenance qualities, you can be sure your entire roof and guttering system will continue to perform and look attractive for years to come.

From the mountains to the outback, from our creek beds to our sand dunes, COLORBOND® steel captures the light and energy that make Australian colours so identifiable.

You’ll find 22 inspired colour choices suited to any Australian home and roof – contemporary, traditional, curved, skillion, convex or concave.
Made for Australian Conditions

With a durable, baked-on paint finish, COLORBOND® steel resists chipping, peeling and cracking to deliver long life performance with low maintenance. Non-combustible, termite resistant, weather tight and secure, it protects any home against harsh Australian conditions.
Tested and proven for over 45 years

With outstanding anti-corrosion performance, COLORBOND® steel is one of the toughest, most advanced building materials in the world. Tried and tested over the past 45 years in some of the harshest climates across Australia. So you can be sure COLORBOND® steel not only looks beautiful, but lasts beautifully.
Long life peformance

COLORBOND® steel’s superior oven-baked finish resists chipping, peeling and cracking. It’s low maintenance, corrosion resistant, non-combustible and termite resistant.
Design flexiblity

Pergolas made from COLORBOND® steel come in a range of designs with excellent spanning capabilities, requiring minimal posts and rafters. You can match your roof colour.

Choosing genuine COLORBOND® steel for your patios and pergolas is the only way to ensure a perfect colour match with your COLORBOND® steel roof, allowing you to coordinate with your homes colour scheme.
Strong, durable and secure

COLORBOND® steel is made with the strength of corrosion resistant steel to provide long-lasting protection for your home.

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Single Strip





  • Spans 4.5 meters.
  • Available in Double Sided Gloss Colours: White, Cream, Paperbark

Double Sided Colour





40mm Roofing Batten Always in stock

6.5m Length


Roof Sheet Screws. 50mm or 65mm timber fix and steel fix.

All Current Colorbond Colours Stocked in Steel or timber fix.